“Color Drops,” the latest product line in the “Flower Vase” series is finally on sale. This is the 17th iteration of “Flower Vase,” and it features a pop design with paint colors seemingly dripping from the rim. We asked the duo behind KIGI, who was in charge of the art direction, about this line’s design.

–The new line is called “Color Drops.” How did the design come about?

Uehara: Mr. Miyata asked for a “bright” design, so we tried to go into various directions. We tried including letters, we tried to go the simplified route. We tried several designs that we didn’t have in the past, but we came up with this idea from imagining scenery wherein the colors seem to drip, just like in a corner of an atelier.


–It’s colorful, and it makes you feel alive.

Watanabe: This is probably the most colorful line we’ve done since the ribbon one.

▼The Flower Vase line based on the theme of “ribbons” which was launched in 2009.


Uehara: That’s right. We haven’t had this kind of design composition-wise as well.

–Which part were you most particular about?

Uehara: That would be the transparent lower part. It shows the utilization of the vinyl’s characteristics.

–When water is poured in, the gradation of the white and transparent parts is very beautiful.


Uehara: It’s difficult to achieve this with other materials such as ceramic, but with printing it easy to do and comes out beautifully. Even though I’ve said it’s easy, there’s still some technique needed to create this gradation, but of course it’s much easier to print than a glass craftsman doing it.

Watanabe: Even in the photos, the stalk is only visible like a small swoosh at the lower part. I think it’s interesting.

Uehara: When sunlight shines on these vases, the light pools at the bottom. The vase was designed to utilize this interesting aspect.

Watanabe: Conversely, there might such a design in glass vases.

Uehara: That’s right. But the question is how to express such a gradation while utilizing the strengths of printing. For example, if the design is done in a gimmicky way, the width of the lines become strangely realistic – they become a little thin, or fat, and you tend to put on a “look” on it. But there’s a gimmick here (the part with gradation at the bottom), so the other parts could be done more simply in a pop kind of way. The widths of the lines are also the same and are dripping like a “whoosh.” Also, the way the lines end are not neat, so by having such a “look” here, people begin to wonder if they were drawn with a marker – it’s a device that fuels the imagination.

Watanabe: The realness isn’t too much. But it’s not too simplistic either. It was designed with just the right amount of balance.

–It’s perfect for the “bright” theme. Any flower would go well with the vases.

Watanabe: That’s true. I thought that big flowers would look better when taking photos of the vases, so I chose orchids and hydrangeas.

Uehara: How about lilies?

Watanabe: Lilies might be good too. It’s not as if small flowers won’t be good, but because the vases’ colors give a strong impression, I think that “stronger” flowers might be a better match.

–Having different designs on the front and the back is also a feature of this new line.

▼Left: the back, Right: the front. The combination of colors and the designs of the front and the back differ.


Watanabe: Yes, the vase’s impression changes a bit.

Uehara: It’s good that either side can actually be the front side.

–Thinking which flowers go with the vases can be fun. Thank you!

The new Flower Vase line introduced in this post can be purchased at our online store.


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