We opened our store at GINZA SIX as a way of handing down Japan’s traditional crafts to future generations. In this light, we as graphic designers conceptualized our kamon (family crest) line with the desire to pass on beautiful kamon, which is said to be the origin of graphic design in Japan, to succeeding generations.
Since ancient times, kamon was proudly handed down as a symbol of a family’s lineage and social status, but nowadays, they are not as used in daily life as often as before. Learning about kamon means learning about your family’s lineage. Cherishing kamon is also related to wishing for your family’s health and prosperity for years to come. Won’t you take this chance to rediscover your family “house?”


Since December 1st, we have begun offering a “kamon imprinting service” at our D-BROS GINZA SIX store due to popular demand.
For the first part of this service, we are accepting orders for kamon imprints on fukusa, or small cloths for wiping tea utensils, which are used in ceremonial occasions. We will expand the number of products in this service, so we hope you will look forward to our future products.


Made of 100% silk crepe which is also used in our furoshiki wrapping cloths, each piece dyed using traditional dyeing techniques will be hand-printed with your kamon. We make the template, and because the color is bleached, there is no chance of the design coming off. You can use your fukusa for a very long time, and it’s also the perfect, useful item to pass your kamon down to the next generation. Please come and ask us to make something original for you.


For crests that can be ordered, please choose from 4710 kamon that we have in-store. For details, please approach a staff members.


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