A Calendar That Dreams Up Stories

-How did you conceptualize the 2018 calendar “Memory?”

Recently, I’ve been wanting to paint pictures in watercolor, because it’s been a while since the 2014 calendar “Dear Bear” which was also done in watercolor.

▼2014 calendar “Dear Bear”


-The vibe of the art materials is rather different.

That’s right. I also wanted to mix photos and pictures, but I wasn’t firmly decided about it from the very beginning,

-How did you choose the photos that you’ve used?

The picture for January was taken by Mr. Uehara, and the one for February was taken by a photographer I know.


-Really? Were the photos taken for this calendar?

No, they weren’t taken especially for the calendar. They’re photos that were chosen from pictures taken for CACUMA (Ms. Watanabe’s clothing brand), and for other things. The picture for April was drawn based on a photo that I took. The one for May was based on a photo that was sold in an old tool store.


-So all of the pictures that were drawn were based on existing photos.

With black and white photos, you can imagine the colors. With small photos, you can enlarge them and they get fuzzy, so I’ve drawn these while imagining things.

-I see.

The photo for September is mine – it was taken when I went to Vals in Switzerland.


-Oh, it’s beautiful! Each picture has its own story.

They’re old and familiar photos.

-The calendar is called  “Memory.”

I hope people will feel some sort of story when they see the relationship between the photos and pictures, and as they turn the pages. Our memories might be different, but they might remember something by sensing the unfolding story.


-It does feel nostalgic.

That’s right. They aren’t very modern. In this sense, it’s probably just right that the calendar is called “Memory.”

-The numbers in this calendar are laid out vertically, which is quite characteristic. We don’t see that often – why did you lay them out vertically?

Laying out the dates vertically is cool, right? The days are also written in English, so it’s a different way of looking at a calendar. I thought it would be interesting to lay out the dates in a way that we’re not used to seeing.

-Yes, you can feel some sense of discomfort looking at it.

That’s right. There’s a calendar overseas that’s laid out vertically too. I thought that was nice.


The Merits of Paper

-Changing the subject, D-BROS has been making calendars for a long time now, but the number of calendars has been decreasing because of the popularity of smart phones. What do you think about this?

It’s not happening only to calendars. Digital things are convenient – for example, digital photos can be stored as data, books can be read on a digital format. Digital versions have overtaken other things. Of course we can re-examine these (changes) later on, but new things come out one after the other, and we forget about the old things.

-I understand. They don’t stay with you.

That’s right. If it’s on paper – whether it be photos or books – even if you forget about them, you can quickly bring them out when you happen to see them. If they were digital, they’d remain forgotten. I think there are merits to leaving things on paper. With a datebook, sure, you can still look back if it’s in a digital format. But with a physical datebook, you can quickly see what you did today five years ago, and it stays with you, which I think is great!

It’s the same with CDs. I think it’s better even when data remains in a much more tangible format.

-Yes, I’m a CD person too. It’s very memorable if it’s on a CD.

I like buying things that I like in CD format.

-There’s also something to your thoughts being tied up with physical objects.

There’s a saying that you should throw things away without regret, but you’d want to keep things that you like as they are. I think these things influence a person.

-Oh, they influence you?

They do. They influence you yourself, and your daily life. In my case, they influence the things I make.


The Things I Make

I’m trying to create the fourth book in my KIGI_M book series, and I’m thinking of including things that I have in my room that I like. Things such as my childhood clothes, a battledore that my grandfather gave me a long time ago, things that I’ve bought. I’ve taken about ninety pictures in all.

-Oh, I’d like to see that.

Things like these somehow become small elements that make up a person. I don’t have gorgeous things, but the things I have because I like them are the things that make me who I am, little by little.

-They’re surely things that would make people know or feel who you are.

Even if they’re just little things, each one is a treasure, and I’m hoping that the things that I create also become part of someone somehow.

-I agree. It’s gratifying if people will think that way.

We at D-BROS create things with this in mind, so we’d be happy if people have our calendars as well!

-Thank you.


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