A book arrived the other day.

I’ve almost forgotten about it because it’s almost been two years ago. I remember that a German publisher called Cass Verlag called, and they asked if they could use a travel picture in my website as a book cover.

The book has been completed with my photo on the cover, so they sent me a copy.

This publisher mainly translates Asian books into German and publishes them. This in itself is already interesting, but this book is Korean literature by a person called Ae-ran Kim, with a cover shot by a Japanese person in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

When I think of the coincidence of Korea, Japan, Cambodia, and Germany all connecting in one book, I realize how small the world has become, which is deeply moving and interesting.

Unfortunately though, my complimentary copy is in German, which I couldn’t read. I found a Japanese translation, and I have begun reading it. But actually, I don’t know just how well my picture goes with the contents of the book (laughs).

Somehow, reading a book from its cover is an interesting experience.

This was such a new experience for me, which is why I shared it with you.

See you next time.


While I think characters such as “ä” and “ü” look cute, I can’t read anything here at all (laughs).

It’s a bit strange to see my own name in credits that I can’t read (laughs).


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