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11/1/2017 Designer's Blog, Hiroka Osada Last modified 1 year ago

Hello, I am the designer Hiroka Osada.
I was thinking it would be great if I could travel abroad again this year, when I glanced upon books and things I bought overseas.
Today I’d like to share some of my favorite things that I’ve bought abroad.

A Notebook I Bought in Thailand

This is a notebook made by a young Thai artist that I bought in Thailand. Surprisingly, there are a lot of things like this notebook sold in Bangkok that are made by young artists. I like it because you don’t often find a picture like this in Japan.

A Record I Bought in Poland

This is a record I bought in Poland. While there are plenty of secondhand records with old-fashioned cover designs, I liked that the yellow and green colors of this cover stood out, so I bought it. Although I haven’t listened to its songs yet…

Left: An anatomical chart I bought in Poland
Right: An anatomy book that was given to me in primary school


This is also an anatomical chart that I bought in Poland. I bought it because I thought that turning the flaps revealed anatomical details, which I found interesting. I’ve always liked anatomical charts, and when I bought this, I remembered the anatomy book that I begged for and was bought for me overseas when I was in primary school. The things that I’ve been drawn to since childhood don’t change – whether it’s an interest in anatomical charts, or in the combination of anatomy and English words.

When I’m abroad, I encounter a lot of things I don’t see in Japan. Writing this, I begin to think that I want to encounter new things again this year, somewhere.

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