I was in charge of the visual poster for our 2018 D-BROS calendars. Today I’d like to talk about the theme and design of this poster.

As a new undertaking for D-BROS, we opened a new store at GINZA SIX centered on traditional crafts, thus a poster such as this happened.

In the craft industry, shipments from craft-producing areas are only a fifth of the amount that was shipped about thirty years ago. While opportunities to encounter elegantly Japanese things that can be used everyday for years have decreased, there are people who try to incorporate these things in various situations in their daily lives. There are also those who work hard at turning craft ideas tailored to fit people’s lifestyles into popular products. We at D-BROS have also actively worked hard at creating products that convey the fun of design to as many people as possible through traditional crafts, and we would be glad if our efforts become catalysts for other creative endeavors.

Recent D-BROS products impart “lightheartedness,” “quality,” and “transformation.” We have been consciously developing products that people can take along with them and play with, products that people can treasure, and products that people can use to communicate with.

Since ancient times, the daily rhythm of Japanese people’s lives consist of a series of “hare” which are extraordinary, special events (turning points and milestones), and the “ke,” or the ordinary, both of which are related to and are expressed through the seasons. If you don’t make anything happen, you will feel the boredom of everything “ke,” but if you spontaneously have the motive to switch things up and somehow have some sort of autonomy, the “ke” turns into “hare.” I wanted to make this motive caught in its moment into a poster, so I expressed this in the person’s pose of a running start, and its sharp movements which exemplify a humanistic freedom and optimistic spirit.

I also had a version with a bear in it, but we decided on a straightforward image using a person to express our thoughts. This is the rough draft of the bear version.
This time, we realized we could convey an honest, unaffected message even with “uncool” and “unfashionable” visuals, and it was fun expanding our concept when creating this poster.


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