A calendar that you can enjoy each and every day
– The calendar this year has stickers you can you attach to the calendar, right?

Fukuzawa: That’s right. Our goal was to make a fun calendar that’s very D-BROS, and one where our customers can participate in.

– What was the design theme?
Okada: This time, the theme was “transformation.” A polar bear becomes a panda bear, a horse turns into a reindeer – we first had the idea of an animal transforming into another animal. Then we came up with the idea of using stickers.


Fukuzawa: Mr. Miyata gave us the theme of “sunny day,” and I interpreted it in my own way to mean a calendar that would be the reason for someone to enjoy each and every day. But first I talked to Ms. Okada about freely expressing something I wanted to do, which ended up as the idea of decorating each and every day with stickers.


– What were you particular about?

Fukuzawa: That would be finding animals in which transformations were the most interesting. It’s not merely about putting stickers on the animals to decorate them. It was hard to find animals that would surprise the person after the stickers were attached, and finding animals that would transform greatly.

Okada: There were many animals that did not make the cut.

– How did you narrow it down to 12 months’ worth of animals?

Fukuzawa: We chose them based on how prominent they would look with the stickers on them, and also animals which had interesting transformations.

– Each year’s calendar has distinctive illustrations. How did you draw this year’s illustrations?

Fukuzawa: I drew them freehand, and in a fun way. I wanted them to come across as straightforwardly cute so I didn’t think too hard – I tried to make it fun for the people who would use the calendar.



Enjoying a calendar as if it were a picture

– Is there anything you are most conscious about when designing a calendar?

Fukuzawa: In the world today, there are online calendars, and many other calendars that are simply beautiful, so it was my aim to differentiate this series of animal calendars – I think that the role that this series plays is make people feel its sense of fun. To speak of extremes, I think it’s much easier to use a calendar wherein the numbers are simply laid side-by-side. But I thought that it’ll be good to also have a calendar that’s not like that – it’s also nice to have a calendar one can enjoy.

– How do come up with a balance between functionality as a calendar and design?

Fukuzawa: There are many kinds of useful calendars, but they are also used to decorate a room. Hanging pictures might be a bar that’s too high, but I think everyone wants some sort of thing on their wall, or do something for decoration. That’s why I think it’s really good to float the idea of lightheartedly enjoying a calendar as interior decoration. That’s why in terms of its role, this calendar’s functionality is at the minimum. The dates are small and are the bottom. A calendar is a bunch of twelve sheets, so it’s something that you can enjoy as the months change. I also hope that it will be something that will motivate people to buy pictures (to hang).

– Ms. Okada, you’re a new employee. What do you think about your first creative work for D-BROS?

Okada: I was surprised that there were so many processes before the calendar was completed! I came up with many ideas, but because a calendar only has twelve pages, there were also many animals that didn’t make the cut. But I’m happy that I was able to see how a calendar is completed. It feels a little strange – it’s like, did I really make this?



Have fun with it any way you want and make a calendar that’s just for you

– Lastly, please share your recommended way of sticking the stickers, if you have one.

Okada: Don’t over think it – if you stick them any way you want, you’re going to end up with an unexpected animal, and I think that’s fun.

Fukuzawa: It also might be interesting to stick stickers with colors that match your mood that day. Like red for a good day, blue for a sad day. At the end of the month, it’s fun to see all those stickers and look back at the past month.

– When is the best time to stick a sticker?

Fukuzawa: It’s good to stick them in the morning when you start your day, or even at night at the end of your day. For example, you can stick a sticker that represents what you felt when you woke up that morning.

– You can also stick all of the stickers all at once and enjoy the month ahead.

Fukuzawa: Yes, I think that’s good too.

Okada: For those with families, I think it might be fun for family members to take turns each day in sticking the stickers, and everyone can enjoy what kind of animal it will turn out in the end.

– That will be nice for parents and kids. Small children love stickers, so they can enjoy it together with Mom.

Fukuzawa: That’s nice too. I’ll be happy if people can have fun with it in any way they want.

d_bros_magazine_calendar_interview_animal_04A lion that Mr. Fukuzawa and Ms. Okada completed


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