Do you remember the first time you became conscious of design? Not the reason for aiming to become a designer, but that moment of awareness?

I remember mine clearly.

It was about the time when I was in elementary school.

During that time, anything and everything was much fun, and all I did was run outside and play with my friends.

Our meeting place was a corner of a parking lot where a movie theater’s poster was displayed.

It wasn’t as if we were trying to be cool.

Anyhow, we were still elementary school students, and we thought that movies were things that grown-ups watched so we didn’t pay much attention to it.

It was also exactly the midway point from each of our houses.

One day, I came early to our meeting place. I was tired of looking at ants so for some reason I looked at the poster.

In the poster, there were two men on top of desks who were facing each other, and a line of text.

It said something like “Yes, I am captive. But are you really free?”

It was at that point that I thought that the poster was really amazing!

Up to that point, I haven’t really looked hard enough at that poster.

But even though just one picture and some words were arranged on it, it was fascinating that I could tell what the story was about. Even at my young age, I wondered where the person who made this poster was.

This is a memory that made me start thinking of the many kinds of things that are made and planned on even though I couldn’t see them.

Because that happened, in other words, it’s precisely because my friends were late that day that I am who I am today.

Although I haven’t even seen the movie to this day.

The truth is that while I’ve heard it’s a good movie, it’s such an important thing to me that I’m scared that if I watch it, it will ruin the ideal impression I have of it.

But I’d like to see it someday.