Our New “Mirror Cup & Saucer” From Start to Finish (Creating the Cup)

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Hello, I am the designer Chisato Endo, and I was in charge of the design of our new Mirror Cup & Saucer’s shape. We have a new design series for our Mirror Cup & Saucer line, wherein the pattern on the saucer is reflected on the mirrored surface of the cup. Today I’d like to talk about the design’s production process. Last time, I shared with you how we made the saucer, but today I’d like to talk about the cup.

You can read about “Our New “Mirror Cup & Saucer” From Start to Finish (Creating the Saucer)” here.

The greatest appeal of the D-BROS Cup & Saucer is the reflection of the saucer’s graphics on the cup’s mirrored surface. I had linear shapes in mind for both the cup and the saucer when I first started developing them. But I as I continued designing, I consulted with design directors Mr. Ryosuke Uehara and Ms. Yoshie Watanabe of KIGI on what shapes would best reflect the graphics in a beautiful way, and moreover, which kind of shape should the cup itself have for it to look beautiful.

▼Examining perspective and reflectioncup_mirror_4-1024x639

Where the graphics are reflected changes depending on the cup’s size and angle, and also the viewer’s vantage point. Keeping this in mind, I repeatedly examined perspective and reflection using blueprints, models, and 3CAD. I experimented with different shapes, but ultimately, I used the angle wherein the graphics were most beautifully reflected while I was seated and the cup and saucer were placed right before me.


When the cup is on the saucer, the graphics are reflected beautifully, but when the cup is lifted, the various changes in appearance may make conversation at teatime a little livelier. Please do try lifting the cup and see how both the cup and saucer look when you’re at our store.


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