For all of you who have been looking forward to our D-BROS calendars every year, the wait is over! Just like in past years, our designers have come up with the highest quality calendars, reflecting their passion and dedication. For the first time ever, we are featuring all of our 2018 calendars in this magazine today!

For 2018, KIGI designers Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe, and DRAFT designers Akiko Sekimoto, Takuma Fukuzawa, Kazuya Iwanaga, and Ren Yamakawa were in charge of the design. We offer 8 kinds of calendars for 2018: new ones borne out of unique ideas, and our classic Typeface Calendar.


Designed by Ryosuke Uehara
This calendar was designed by KIGI art director Ryosuke Uehara.For this calendar, Mr. Uehara focused on POP lettering found in shopping streets and supermarkets. He used fat markers, and all of the letters and numbers were handwritten and designed by him. Using a font that people usually see as they go about their day is a different and unusual way of using such a font in a calendar. It also allows the user to enjoy something that seems out of place but interesting nonetheless.June and October are presented as cut-outs using pattern paper, resulting in an even more enjoyable and realistic pop-out feel.


Designed by Yoshie Watanabe
This calendar was designed by KIGI art director Yoshie Watanabe.Ms. Watanabe chose “memory” as the theme of this calendar. The combination of photographs and fragments seemingly cut out from memories may somehow enkindle the viewer’s imagination. Enjoy the story evoked by the two opposing pictures laid side by side.Another feature of this calendar is its format – it is formatted in a vertical fashion. This is a calendar wherein the beauty of the letters and illustrations can be enjoyed together in one package.


“I want to be”
Designed by Takuma Fukuzawa
This is our popular animal-themed calendar that’s a hit every year. For 2018, the stickers with numbers included in the calendar provide a unique twist – when the stickers are attached to the calendar, the design gradually changes into a different animal.There are 12 hand-drawn animals, with a different animal featured each month. Stick the stickers wherever you like, and have fun creating an animal that’s uniquely yours.This was also designed to show interesting designs even half-way through the sticking, which makes for an exciting and enjoyable calendar with each sticker attached every day.


“24 Terms of the Solar Year Calendar”
Designed by Akiko Sekimoto
The 24 terms of the solar year is a calendar based on the sun’s activities, creating 24 divisions with names denoting the characteristics of each division such as “winter solstice” and “the first day of summer.” The 24 terms of the solar year is a calendar organized by weather, temperature, humidity, daylight hours and other factors that greatly affect people’s minds and bodies, and by sun-induced changes in climate. In this calendar, we can experience Japan’s bounteous four seasons in an even more exquisite and detailed way. This calendar was borne out of our desire for people who live in modern society to use the 24 terms of the solar year as important “junctures.” Aside from the 24 terms of the solar year, this calendar also explains dietary habits during festivals and seasonal events. Enjoy incorporating Japan’s food culture into your daily life while experiencing the passage of Japan’s exquisite seasons.


This is our calendar series based on the theme “typeface,” which has been continuing since 2007. Every year, we choose a different typeface, and for 2018, we chose “Avant Garde.” This typeface was designed by Herb Lubalin, the pioneer of American typography who was active during the 1960s to 1970s, for the logo of the magazine “Avant Garde.” The simple design that utilizes the beauty and characteristics of the typeface itself is beloved by people of all ages; and the calendar can be used in different settings such as the home and the office. We offer three types in this series: a wall-type calendar, a B1-sized poster calendar, and a desktop type calendar.


This is the commercial version of a diary actually used by our designers and producers during the production process of past projects. The Creator’s Diary is characterized by accordion pleats that reveal a year’s schedule in one sheet of paper, allowing the user to see the whole year’s schedule at a glance. The day’s hourly schedule can be written on the upper half (the vertical axis) of the page, while simultaneous projects and work over a long span of time can be properly organized in the lower half (the horizontal axis). There are 5 colors for 2018, including the addition of new pastel colors. The diary is available in two sizes: the regular size which accommodates plenty of writing, and the easy-to-carry paperback size. This is the 15th year for this classic D-BROS product, beloved by a wide range of people from designers to producers, schoolteachers, hairstylists, and housewives.

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It’s hard to convey things in photos, but the quality and texture of the paper, the colors of the printing, and the attention paid to every detail can be felt in these calendars.

These will be available at the D-BROS online store starting September 14th. Please look forward to the launch!

*The Creator’s Diary Mini will be sold at the end of September.

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