In our studies into Japan’s traditional crafts, we have deepened our understanding of kamon (family crests), and at the same time, we’ve pursued our interest in obento (boxed lunch) culture which has a profound history. For modern bento boxes, we must also have the best chopsticks, so we’ve embarked on creating a new chopstick design.

First, we researched the kinds of chopsticks that are out in the market. We found that there are a lot of mass-produced, plastic chopsticks. There are also wooden ones with a strong scent such as chopsticks made of Hinoki cypress which some people favor; and there are ones finished with mother-of-pearl. The chopsticks that are being sold were made with different occasions in mind.

Bamboo is the only natural resource that grows fast and can be used enduringly. We chose it because it is functional, user-friendly, and has been used since ancient times. We also thought that if we used bamboo which has these qualities, people would treasure our chopsticks and will use them for a long time. We thought that they can be used effortlessly every day; and that they will be very useful at home and at work because of their portability. They also go well with our copper bento boxes.

Our D-BROS chopsticks with an original design are produced in Oita Prefecture. They are available in two lengths: shorter 18.5 cm chopsticks for bento boxes, and 23 cm ones (for both men and women) for regular use. They are also available in three colors, making them stylish accompaniments to any bento box of any design.

18.5 cm (for bento use) ash / coal / vermillion 23 cm (for regular use) ash / coal / vermillion

Our chopsticks are made of thick-stemmed bamboo with “hinokitiol” which has anti-microbial properties. We designed the accompanying case to protect the chopsticks’ tips, and to act as a chopstick rest. The case is magnetized for easy opening and closing, with both the lid and the bottom completely detachable which allows you to wash both pieces thoroughly. Tidily embedding magnets in bamboo is also the work of skilled craftsmen. Both the case and the ends of the chopsticks are painted – a finish that doesn’t mar the bamboo’s texture, which allows for hygienic, long-term usage.

An original construction: the case has a defined gap so that the chopstick ends don’t touch the interior, and that they also fit snugly when placed inside the case.

I use these chopsticks every day at home without any hesitation, and I wash them with a sponge just like I wash the dishes. How about using modern chopsticks that are easy to clean and maintain?

As a new start, there are many people who replace their chopsticks every year, so I think giving this as a gift will make the recipient happy.


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