Creator’s Diary 2018: From Start to Finish (Finished Product)

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Hello, I am the designer Ren Yamanaka.

This post is a continuation of my previous post about the Creator’s Diary. (If you’re interested in reading the first part, this is the link: “Creator’s Diary 2018: From Start to Finish (An Introduction).”)

The subject of this post is the finished product, so I would like to talk about the colors of the covers, which is one of the biggest features of the 2018 Creator’s Diary.

Every year, there are various colors and materials up for consideration, and only the ones we choose from the numerous prospects are used in the final product. The first thing that you see is the cover, and the diary is something you have with you every day, so we were quite particular about choosing its colors and materials.



We always offer diaries with the classic black and white covers, but for those who also want to use another Creator’s Diary in the following year, we launch new colors every year so that people can choose them and feel refreshed and renewed each year. Offering the same colors every year is meaningless. But more than anything, we (DRAFT) employees use the diary, so we choose colors always keeping in mind if the finished product is something we’d actually want to use.

The vivid colors of the diary covers of recent years were impressive, but for 2018, we’ve also chosen pastel colors! That’s because the covers that we’ve had so far felt somehow masculine. While they were pronounced, vibrant, and beautiful colors, I thought that they make quite a strong impression if women use them, which is why we’ve chosen pastel colors which may be easier for women to use (and because I personally like pastel colors, LOL). In addition to the mini size which is also convenient for women to use, it is also now available in pink, which is a main feature for 2018. If you feel that the mini size is too small, I recommend the green one.


For the regular-sized Creator’s Diary, there are three colors for 2018: black, orange, and green. The mini-sized diary will be available in two colors – blue and pink.

There are differences in cover textures due to the colors – there are those with a somewhat sandy texture, and there are those with a soft feel. But we’ve chosen materials with a pleasant feel for all of our diaries, so please come to our store, pick one up and see for yourself. Our diaries are really well-made, so if you haven’t used one yet, please get one and try it!

Which color do you prefer?

I think I’m going to use the green one.

The 2018 Creator’s Diary is slated to be sold at the D-BROS online store beginning the middle of September. We will tell you more once we have the details, so please watch this space!


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