Our New “Mirror Cup & Saucer” From Start to Finish (Creating the Saucer)

8/10/2017 Chisato Endo, Designer's Blog, Products Last modified 2 years ago

Hello, I am the designer Chisato Endo. I was in charge of the design for the saucer’s shape in our new Cup & Saucer “Mirror” which was launched this spring.

You may think that only the shape or form changed, but it was very difficult to actually turn the shape that I had in my mind to a real product – it took 2 years from the start of the planning to the product launch.

Compared to the old version, the new Cup & Saucer has a linear design. Since the start of the planning phase, we talked about how we wanted the saucer to be flat and not curved so as to widen the possibilities of the graphic print. Thus, our design process had this in mind.

Actually, it was quite difficult to make the saucer flat.

Our cups and saucers are made of porcelain, and when this material is fired in the kiln, the moisture contained in the porcelain is wicked away, hardening the material. If the moisture is not properly dried out, the porcelain deforms. As for our new saucer, if we made it “as is,” it would have deformed, so we did a lot of trial and error, such as making routes for the moisture to escape, putting legs, etc.

Eventually, we found a solution by doing something. Do you know what we did?

▼Saucer samples that we made through trial and error

The answer lies in the depression in the middle of the saucer.

Many people might think that this hollow part is for holding the cup, but by putting a slight dent on a flat sheet of porcelain, the moisture can evaporate evenly, creating a nice, flat saucer.


It doesn’t stand out, but it’s quite an important dent.

At the same time, the dent also eliminates the possibility of the cup slipping, and I also think that appearance-wise and utility-wise, it has an innovative design.

Please do take a look when you drop by our store.


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