Embodying surprise, D-BROS’s “Cup & Saucer” is one of our popular products wherein the pattern on the saucer is reflected on the cup which has a mirrored finish.

Together with the opening of our D-BROS GINZASIX store, 12 new cup and saucer designs make their debut!


When we asked the two designers of KIGI who were in charge of the art direction for these new designs, they said that their theme was “magic.”

They came up with this theme because of the surprise of having the saucer’s design reflected on the cup when it is placed on the saucer just like magic, and also because the designs were originally drawn using markers, or “magic pens” in Japanese. It sounds somewhat like a pun (in Japanese), but don’t you think that “magic” is just the perfect word?

There are 6 types in the “ZIGZAG” series which are composed of simple lines, and there are also 6 types in the “POP” series which feature lines with rounded tips, creating unique designs, for a total of 12 designs.

Do you prefer ZIGZAG with its laid-back feel, or POP with its fun, colorful mood?

▲ “ZIGZAG” series

▲“POP” series

Either type has vestiges of a hand-drawn vibe, and somehow imparts a warmth that you can feel. There’s a totally different way of looking at the saucer’s wonderful design when it is reflected on the cup.

The design’s appearance changes depending on your viewing angle and which direction the saucer is facing, so please do drop by our store and pick one up and see the magic for yourself.

These new designs are exclusively available at our GINZA SIX store and our D-BROS WEB STORE.

These new series also feature new cup and saucer shapes. In our next post, we will talk about how the new shapes were formed.


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