Hello, I am the designer Ren Yamakawa. Along with assistant director Mr. Iwanaga, I’ve been chosen to be in charge of the 2018 Creator’s Diary. This post is “an introduction,” so I’d like to talk about my view of the Creator’s Diary as the person in charge of it for the very first time.

Truthfully speaking, I’ve never been aware of the Creator’s Diary until I joined DRAFT. Also because I was put in charge of the diary, I’ve started using the diary this year, and my honest opinion is that it’s very easy to use! But that’s not because I was told by my superior to say so (laughs).


An excellent feature of this product is its accordion-like folds, which allows the user to see the whole year’s schedule at a glance, just like a timeline. You can also write the day’s schedule in detail, and it’s convenient to be able to check both the day’s schedule and the year’s schedule simultaneously. After buying a diary, I usually stop using it after three months, and I haven’t encountered the most ideal diary until now. Using this diary is stress-free. After writing in it, you can have an overhead view of a week or two weeks’ schedule, so it’s also very helpful in organizing your schedule in your head.


Right now, I am using the 2017 Creator’s Diary, and it’s very easy to use. I think this is the result of gradual, yearly improvements since its launch. Wanting to make a stress-free, convenient diary for the most number of people, we are now in the process of improving it by reconsidering the font of the information written at the back of the 2018 diary so that it’s easier to see.

In the next post, I’d like to talk about the diary’s colors, which change every year and is one of the diary’s major features. Choosing the colors for the 2018 diary is going really well, so please look forward to it!


<Announcement from D-BROS>

We would like as many people as possible to experience the utility of our Creator’s Diary, so starting today, we are offering the   for 1000 yen at the D-BROS WEB STORE. We hope you’ll purchase one and try it out.


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