Creating something at D-BROS isn’t about just creating something for the sake of creating or just drawing a picture. Art is of course included in the process but the main point is to include thoughtful design. At the end of last year, one of our company stores in Shinagawa Station displayed a poster. I designed that poster thinking it would be good if it had a distinct D-BROS point of view.

fv_shinagawa_01-798x1024 fv_shinagawa_02-732x1024 

This wasn’t about having the stance of expressing something from square one. It was a poster conveying something like the reconstruction of expression, namely, “There is a flower vase here. What would happen if you will look at it from a different viewpoint?” When I was thinking of how to do it, what came to me was pasting and connecting short strips of origami to make one long string for expression. Then, I experimented with how the vinyl flower vase, the product that D-BROS is known for, might be viewed when origami is used.


It took about six hours to make it. The aluminum foil used in the poster was interesting with its shiny surface and matte reverse side so I thought I could set the expression apart with parts of both sides showing when folded. I still have the A3-sized small prototype that made in the beginning, and it’s cute.


The poster was displayed at JR Shinagawa Station for a while. If it were a poster to be displayed in train stations, thousands or even tens of thousands had to be made, but this was just one poster so there were reactions of “Surely many had to be made because it’s a poster?! What an amazing thing to make.” It was displayed as if it were a painting so I think that was also why it was interesting. I made two versions: one with silver aluminum foil and one with the warm colors of origami; and either version was made smoothly in my mind. I’ve always liked detailed work. Work-wise, it was also fun because I could see the progress and the poster’s gradual completion as time passed. I would like to use origami as a form of expression in creating other posters too.