In this series of “The Life of a Designer,” we ask DRAFT designers involved in the development of D-BROS products about their daily lives, in a Q&A format. We talked to Mr. Takuma Fukuzawa for the sixth volume in this series.

–In this sixth volume, we would like to talk to Mr. Takuma Fukuzawa who worked on D-BROS’s “JUMP” animal calendar. Thank you for your time.
Fukuzawa: Thank you too.

–Let’s begin. What do you do without fail when you first arrive at the office in the morning?
Fukuzawa: First, I check my email. My morning starts when I check my email that comes in droves, then I reply.

–What’s your desk like?
Fukuzawa: I prefer neatness, so as much as possible, I try not to have anything on my desk.

–What’s your desktop wallpaper?
Fukuzawa: It’s blue all throughout. I get confused if my screen is messy.

–What do you do when you take a breather at work? Do you smoke?
Fukuzawa: I don’t think of smoking as a breather. Just like I am showing you now, I smoke when I’m really thinking about something (laughs). For a breather, I go to places like a bookstore. I like going to low-key bookstores that don’t look like they’re selling design books, like Junkudo in Shibuya.

–Do you use a notebook at work?
Fukuzawa: I do. I use a sketchbook. While I do use it for rough drafts and notes, more often than not, I use it for drawings. Oh, and I also use D-BROS’s STAMP it notebook.

–What do you always keep in mind while working?
Fukuzawa: I try to work in my own way that I am even more satisfied with my work, each time.

–You have a lot of projects going on and you’re especially busy. How do you allocate your time?
Fukuzawa: I can allocate time because those are emergency projects. I’m not good at using the project part (lower half) of my Creator’s Diary for managing my schedule. I memorize my schedule for the next two weeks, so I organize my schedule in my head. But I myself decide how much of an emergency a project is, so sometimes I could be a bother to other people.

–What are you reading now?
Fukuzawa: I’m obsessed with the books I’m reading now. I like biology books.

–That’s to be expected of someone in charge of our animal calendar.

▼These are the animal calendars by Mr. Fukuzawa that he is in charge of every year.




BEEH (2016)


Who am I? (2015)


Who is watching you? (2014)


Fukuzawa: Biology includes plants too, basically all living things. I like these kinds of books. I also read architecture-related books for work, such as those by Le Corbusier. That’s why most of the books I read have a sense of reality – I don’t really read fiction. But when I was in college, I mainly read novels, and I was really into Jiro Asada. His essays are really interesting. He used to be a member of the Self-Defense Forces; and once every two years he would have an unexplained seizure and lose consciousness. He gets motion sickness, and one time, he had a job transporting something important in a ferry. The sea was stormy, but he weathered it for five hours lying flat on a bench on the ferry’s roof. His real life and his novels are completely different so that’s why he’s really interesting. His novels are simply good, but if you start reading him from his essays, you’ll see him in a different light.

–What kind of music do you like?

Fukuzawa: I watched The Skatalites the other day. It’s a ska band of grandpas and grandmas but they were really good. I also went to Clematis no Oka  to listen to Masakatsu Takagi. I started listening to Hi-Standard and melodic hardcore, then hip-hop and rap. I also listen to J-POP – basically I listen to different kinds of music. I also went to see the movie “Your Name.” I dropped my guard while watching the movie, but midway through I began to be moved by it. After that I went on Youtube (which I haven’t done in a while) and listened to the movie’s song (laughs).

–What places in Tokyo do you like?

Fukuzawa: Ningyocho. The town itself isn’t new – that’s what I like about it.

–When do ideas come to you?

Fukuzawa: All the time.

–What made you become a designer?

Fukuzawa: That would definitely be my dad. He does the same work.

–He’s a graphic designer?!

Fukuzawa: Yes, he is.

–Does your father use a computer when he’s designing?

Fukuzawa: In the latter years, he did, but early on, he used a box cutter to cut things, and he did things by hand. He’s a graphic designer of his time.

–Has anything that Mr. Miyata said left an impression on you?

Fukuzawa: There’s so much…nothing comes to mind right away.

–Lastly, can you recommend a nice place for lunch in Ebisu?

Fukuzawa: Probably “Gozuchi.” It’s a place that serves set meals – you can eat quickly and leave quickly.


–Thank you!

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