Hello, I am the designer Inoue. It’s starting to get warm, and I feel this more and more every day. With this in mind, I’d like to try and write about feeling the seasons.

I am originally from Kyoto, and my family home is a five-minute walk from Shimogamo Shrine. It’s listed in several guidebooks, as it has a primeval forest inside the shrine grounds called the “Tadasu no Mori (forest of ascertainment),” which is also mentioned in old waka poems and anthologies.

There are various theories as to why it is called the “forest of ascertainment,” and it is said that the name originated from the idea of “ascertaining (correcting) a lie.” The forest was on my route to school which I walked through almost every day as a student, and it is a mysterious place where you can feel the seasons through different things such as the air, the temperature, the sounds, and colors.

Even though the forest is inside a town, you are surrounded by nature on all sides, and you forget everything else that’s unnecessary. There, you can feel the passage of time and the passing of the seasons.

Tadasu no Mori today.


At the end of February, you can feel the cold winter ending, and a new season beginning with the sprouting of new leaves.


In the autumn, you can see beautiful fall foliage.


With the occasional snowfall, a perfectly white and quiet landscape appears.

Within such seasonal changes, I have the leeway to discover small changes in my meals, in the air, and in the brightness of the day, even during busy days. I always try to reflect such tenderness in my designs and creations.

Please do visit Tadasu no Mori when you are in Kyoto.


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