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Hello, I am Arisa Okada, and I’ve just joined DRAFT this April. Today, I’d like to share with you what I did for my art graduation project.

There was a time when I really believed that I had a doppelganger – someone who was just like me.

A series of events made me think this way – I was constantly told “Thank you as always,” and “It’s been a while,” by people I’ve never met and in places I’ve never been before. Thus, it made me feel that there is definitely someone out there whom I’ve never met but looks exactly like me; someone who has the same face as I do but lives a different life. I decided to create my art graduation project from this disjointed kind of fun.

Then I thought of how I could convey this “disjointedness” so that the people seeing my work could easily understand it. I decided to express this by using the two-sided attribute of paper.

The obverse side of the paper contains graphics of the same face.


The reverse side contains explanations of the doppelganger’s different lifestyle, likes, purpose in life, and work. In all, I created 11 visual pieces of me and my doppelgängers.


This is a graphic of me, the basis of these pieces. I decided to show this kind of “screen” on the reverse side of the paper of me doing my most favorite thing – watching a movie in a theater.


I love watching movies at the theater the best. I do not want anyone to be disturbed this special time.


On the other hand, the graphic of one of my doppelgangers looks like this.


She is rich. Live in a mansion, follow a lot of maids and eat whatever you like as much as you want.


She loves Japan. Especially She love Japanese style room and chilling in there is her custom.

I imagined/created my other doppelgangers as a person with an unbalanced diet and only eats ice cream, a farm woman, a dog lover, a gay person.

These may differ from real doppelgangers, but the fun of imagining things I’ve never seen or cannot see is my foundation and starting point. My art graduation project allowed me to reaffirm my pursuit of the things that I like, as well as the possibilities and fun of using my imagination. I hope I will never lose this feeling in my future creations.


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About the Author

Arisa Okada

Born 1994 in Gifu Japan.
Graduated from Tama Art University.
In 2017, Joined Draft co,ltd.