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6/9/2017 Designer's Blog, Ren Yamakawa Last modified 2 years ago

Hello, I am the new designer Ren Yamakawa. I graduated this year from Tama Art University, and I have just joined DRAFT. Today, I’d like to share with you what I did for my art graduation project.


My art graduation project is entitled “Lucky Item,” and it is composed of 22 graphic pieces. People who live today have unceasing problems, so I created 22 graphic, escapist tools that solve these problems.

Some of these tools include “a cross which helps you find your passion,” “a windmill that blows stress away,” and “a rod that supports you if you want to die.” They’re all rather silly, but I made them so that people who see them would think it would be great if these tools really existed.


From left: “a cross which helps you find your passion,” “a windmill that blows stress away,” “a rod that supports you if you want to die”


Although I pursued colors and shapes that were true to myself during my student days, my supervisor, Kazunari Hattori, told me at the end of his critique, “This piece good, but you don’t have to be specifically fixated on this type of expression. As long as you have ideas that are true to yourself, the form of expression can be a photo, or anything really.” His words made me think of what really is “true to myself,” and in that sense, looking back, I realized once again that it was worth pursuing my own expression right until the very end of my student life.


Part of my art graduation project is being exhibited at the Colors / Materials / Trends Exploration Laboratory (CMTEL) at Tama Art University until June 30th. If you’re interested, please do stop by!


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About the Author

Ren Yamakawa

Born 1994 in Saitama Japan.
Graduated from Tama Art University.
In 2017, Joined Draft co,ltd.