Last April 20th, D-BROS’s new store opened at GINZA SIX, the new, much-talked-about facility in Ginza, Tokyo.


Most of the array of products at this store are based on the theme of “traditional Japanese culture,” and were especially developed for GINZA SIX. Designers embarked on challenges that have never been done before, and they all started by examining traditional culture and techniques.

From this fusion of “Japan” and “graphic design,” a new collection that conveys Japan’s amazing culture and techniques was born. In today’s D-BROS MAGAZINE, we’d like to introduce some of the products in this collection to you.

The Concept was “Japan’s Traditional Crafts Created from a Graphic Design Point of View”

From the idea of “conveying traditional Japanese culture and techniques backed by monozukuri (making things) through products,” we at the D-BROS Ginza store present a collection utilizing both Japan’s excellent, traditional techniques that have long been cultivated and D-BROS’s graphic designs as a new and unique challenge for ourselves.

For our first collection, we focused our attention on kamon (family crests), which can be considered the starting point of Japanese graphic design. With the opening of our D-BROS Ginza store, we launched 9 product lines with 55 items. Two of these product lines are “KAMON,” a series interpreting minimal and symbolic forms through modern graphic design; and “BENTO,” a series that offers new ideas in bento boxed lunches which are packed with Japanese people’s food culture and aesthetic sense.


Kamon: The Starting Point of Japanese Graphic Design

Since ancient times, a kamon (family crest) has been a symbol or mark of a family’s lineage that has been handed down from generation to generation; and it can even be said that these crests are the origin of Japanese graphic design.

In our KAMON series, we want to convey the splendor of the uniqueness and beauty of kamon designs, thus we offer familiar objects used in everyday life such as furoshiki cloths, fans, and handkerchiefs with kamon motifs.


As an iconic item, we have also produced a kamon book that records 350 kamon that we have chosen from among approximately 20,000 existing kamon.

Packed with traditional Japanese techniques, this kamon book is the result of the handiwork of master craftsmen. We used Echizen washi paper from Fukui, the birthplace of washi paper. In addition, the binding utilizes kouki binding, a traditional type of bookbinding technique from Kyoto.


Bento Boxed Lunches: Packed with Japan’s Food Culture

An bento boxed lunch is packed with Japan’s food culture that incorporates the seasons and colors, and lets people enjoy a variety of nutritionally balanced foods. Also called “bento” outside of Japan, it has captured the attention of the world alongside Japanese food.

In our BENTO series, we made our own original bento boxes and chopsticks, wanting to convey Japan’s food culture with gives much importance to meals.

Conceived by borrowing ideas from a tea caddy’s precise construction, our bento boxes draw fully upon the strength of a craftsman’s proficient metal spinning skills, resulting in an original, airtight construction.

Only 4 Made! Our Valuable Stationery and Letter Boxes Made with Genuine Lacquer

In commemoration of the opening of our D-BROS GINZA SIX store, we created stationery and letter boxes with graphic designs based on Japan’s elegant and beautiful scenery while luxuriously utilizing lacquer, one of the materials that best represents Japanese traditional arts.

These stationery and letter boxes are gorgeous lacquerware wherein all lacquering, from the painting of the lid to the box itself was done by a craftsman’s hand. Only 4 boxes were made, with each valuable, limited edition piece bearing its own serial number.

Presenting New Designs of Popular Items


To coincide with the opening of our D-BROS Ginza store, we are also holding advance sales of new designs of D-BROS’s popular products such as “Flower Vase,” our foldable, vinyl flower vases, and our “Mirror Cups & Saucers” wherein the beautiful graphic design on the saucer is reflected on the mirrored surface of the cup.

We also have KIKOF Products In-store!


KIKOF is a brand that was established by D-BROS art directors Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe of KIGI, along with traditional art craftsmen from Shiga Prefecture. In-store, we also offer an array of KIKOF products such as unique Shigaraki ware that fuse superior, traditional techniques with innovative design.

Please look forward to future in-depth D-BROS MAGAZINE features about each of our products, the thought processes behind them, and the craftsmen from all over Japan who worked with us to make these products!




▼Our new collection of products, the “traditional arts series” which was created for GINZA SIX are also now available at the D-BROS WEB STORE! Products from this collection may only be purchased at GINZA SIX and our WEB STORE.


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