Hello, I am Eriko Kawakami, the designer of this calendar. “the days” is a new type of tear-off calendar wherein you tear off cutouts each day which reveal a different graphic design in the back; altering the way you view the calendar. While it can be used as a daily tear-off calendar, you can use it as you please – try tearing off the cutouts only on days that you have something planned, or for secret plans, you can write under the cutouts and leave them covered.


I started on this project inspired by the “joy by day by toy” sticker calendar (1996-2014) wherein the calendar is decorated by sticking stickers on it. Just like that calendar series, I retained the idea of letting the user create and design the product in this calendar. While the sticker calendar’s design changes by adding to it, “the days” morphs into different designs by tearing off cutouts. The details on “the days” are very nuanced. The paper used is very thin, and can be easily turned over. I chose this paper because it’s interesting to have visible overlapping graphics; and I was also aiming for that fleeting glimpse of the graphic underneath from the gap when the cutout on top is turned over.

2015[joy by day by toy]


▼2016[the days]


Until I decided on this paper, there were a number of contenders that I tested by hanging them on the wall for months. I also tested for turnability, direction and ease of tearing off. I discovered many things about the characteristics of the paper used in this calendar and in paper similar to it such as craft paper. There are papers that can be turned over inwards, and others that can be turned over outwards. There are papers that curve drastically at the spot hit by an air conditioner’s air; and there are papers that are straighter on sunny days compared to rainy days. I hope you will enjoy how this calendar changes as it adapts to your room’s conditions.


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