The Creator’s Diary presently being sold at D-BROS is a Gantt Chart-type diary wherein each day’s schedule is written on the upper, vertically-lined part, and the plans for each task or project is written on the lower, horizontally-lined part.


A Section for Projects is Important

The greatest feature of this diary is its lower half which is a section for projects. It is formatted in a way that the schedule and progression for each project or task can be easily grasped and compared at a glance, due to its convenient, accordion-type structure wherein the whole year fits in one page.


If you’re a designer, you can write the production schedule of your products; and if you’re a producer, you can manage the progression of each job. Writing to do lists or notes – there are various ways of using the lower half of the diary. Depending on how you decide to use this part,  its usability greatly changes. In this post, we’d like to share with you ideas on how to use this project section to make your diary easy to use.


Think of How You Will Use This Part

The first thing to do is think of how you will use the horizontally-lined, lower half of the diary. Will you use it for work? If so, will you use it by client? By task? By process? It might be easier to figure this out if you categorize and organize your work first.


As a Business Diary

For example, if you decide to use the lower half by project or task, you can grasp the progress of each one, and proceed with each one in an efficient way.


Moreover, if you draw a line for the duration of each task, you can have a bird’s-eye view of your overall work, and can visually grasp the amount of work that you have.


As a Family Diary

If you’re a team leader, you can establish items by person, and organize each member’s jobs. This allows you to grasp the overall movements of your team. Conversely, if you replace these team members with family members, you can organize the schedules of mom, dad, and the kids and use this diary as a family diary.


Aside from work, you can also use this diary for your hobbies, lessons and other important things in your life. We also recommend using this to plan your goals, and as an aid in achieving them. For example, you can use this as a diary for losing weight. You can record your weight and what you eat everyday, and organize the results that you’ve worked hard for. How you decide to use this diary and the ideas that you have can make using this diary fun.

By clarifying what you value and what your goals are, this diary can be a good, useful tool that’s tailored to your needs. Please do give it a try.


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