Our 2017 calendars and diaries are now on sale at our D-BROS WEB STORE! If you’ve been curious about our calendars and diaries or haven’t bought them yet, now’s your chance.

As Mr. Miyata, the president of our company DRAFT, says, “preparation is courage.” It is important to have a plan – this is the way to achieve your goals.

To schedule your time and to make each day meaningful, how about giving our 2017 Creator’s Diary a try? With this diary, you can see the days when you have plans and the days when you are free at a glance, helping you to utilize your time effectively and allowing you to grasp your long-term schedule quickly.

▼You can purchase a 2017 DIARY at the D-BROS WEB STORE.


We’ve written about ways of using the Creator’s Diary in this magazine. One is writing down your goal, and creating a plan by working you way backwards. You can find more ideas in our back issues.

This is How I Use My Creator’s Diary (by the Sales Team)
Utilizing the Creator’s Diary: Make it Your Very Own by Adding Accessories
Utilizing The Creator’s Diary: Organize Your Schedule Backwards
Utilizing the Creator’s Diary: Make Your Own Rules


Hanging a new calendar in your room feels refreshing! How about changing your mood using a calendar, which can also be an added accent to your interiors?

▼You can purchase a 2017 CALENDAR at the D-BROS WEB STORE.

Interviews with the designers of our calendars have also been posted in our D-BROS MAGAZINE. We hope you’d read these too.

Our interview with Ryosuke Uehara, the designer of “FOLD12|’17,” on creating a rectangular universe.fold_uehara

Our interview with Takuma Fukuzawa and Asako Koyama, the designers of “JUMP,” on being particular about the animals’ expressions and bearing.IMG_1192-879x496

▼Our interview with Kazuya Iwanaga, the designer of “TYPEFACE CALENDAR,” on designing what’s hidden.

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