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Hello, I’m Osada, a designer.

One of the things that I’m doing for the condominium that the real estate company Mitsui Fudosan is building in Musashi Kosugi is creating a free newspaper that highlights the town. The latest issue is a special feature on Todoroki Ryokuchi, a park with sports facilities and a museum that I’ve often visited for location hunting. I’d like to share with you what I’ve felt and discovered in my visits to the area.

Location hunting is searching for places to use in shoots. The look and feel of outdoor shoots will change completely depending on conditions such as the place itself, the time, the weather, and the season. This time, I was looking for a place to shoot from sunrise till sundown; and while walking around I was thinking of lots of things like which place is best to shoot at what time. Moreover, I was location hunting in Todoroki Ryokuchi, which is undergoing redevelopment, thus the place was covered with temporary enclosures and construction was going on in several places. Todoroki Ryokuchi is changing, and now is the only time to see it evolving.

3-1024x768Fishing pond at 5:00 am

1-1024x768Fishing pond at 1:00 pm

2The chairperson of Kaikan Todoroki

You discover a lot of things during location hunting. Things like people who come to fish come this early; you can see a beautiful sunrise in this place but the light in the same place during sundown is useless; the trees here have more cicadas than other trees…

When you become conscious of things you don’t normally pay attention to, you notice a lot of things. When you begin noticing these things, you realize that it’s such a waste to just walk around casually like you do everyday.

There’s a lot to discover just by walking around everyday, and each day is an opportunity to discover new things.The free newspaper that I’ve created is available at COSUGI CAFE so I hope you’d grab a copy!

COSUGI CAFE http://cosugi.jp/cafe


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