On April 20, 2017, our new D-BROS store will open in Ginza, Tokyo! It will be located at GINZA SIX, a new commercial facility set to open at Ginza 6-chome, with the announcement about its opening having been extensively covered by the media recently.

The Ginza store will be our new enterprise and flagship store. In recent years, visitors from overseas have increased. Ginza has become a place where people from various countries converge, and from this place, D-BROS will continue to communicate the ideas and values that it holds dear to the rest of the world.

We launched this project of having a new store two years ago, and since then, we have been preparing for new concepts and products to develop. The products at our Ginza store will be a new line that D-BROS has never offered before.

The theme of this new line is “Japan’s Traditional Craft Culture.”

We focused our attention on two things: kamon, or Japanese family crests that have been handed down from generation to generation since ancient times; and obento, or meals in lunchboxes unique to Japanese culture that caused a stir overseas last year. Based on these two keywords, we will make full use of the outstanding skills of Japan’s craftsmen, and offer traditional crafts imagined from a graphic design point of view.

Our trial-and-error way of monozukuri, or making things, is nearing its apex. We will feature behind-the-scenes stories about our new product line’s development in D-BROS MAGAZONE so we hope you will look forward to our future posts.

A Message from our President

Traditional Crafts Created from a Graphic Design Point of View

The products that we will offer at GINZA SIX are the ones that we have been wanting to design, and things that we think people will surely enjoy if they existed. Our ideas and values reflected in these products have come to fruition with the support of the outstanding skills of Japan’s craftsmen.

Our present and future challenge is to create a space where customers from here and abroad are able to feel and experience the possibilities of product design. We look forward to seeing you there.

Satoru Miyata
President, DRAFT Inc.


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