Our New “Mirror Cup & Saucer” From Start to Finish (Creating the Cup)

9/19/2017 Uncategorized dbrostokyo 4 min read

Hello, I am the designer Chisato Endo, and I was in charge of the design of our new Mirror Cup & Saucer’s shape. We have a new design series for our Mirror Cup & Saucer line, wherein the pattern on the saucer is reflected on the mirrored surface of the cup. Today I’d like to talk about the design’s production process. Last time, I shared…


Our New “Mirror Cup & Saucer” From Start to Finish (Creating the Saucer)

8/10/2017 Uncategorized Chisato Endo 4 min read

Hello, I am the designer Chisato Endo. I was in charge of the design for the saucer’s shape in our new Cup & Saucer “Mirror” which was launched this spring. You may think that only the shape or form changed, but it was very difficult to actually turn the shape that I had in my mind to a real product – it took 2 years…


Being Stylish Starts from the Bottom Up

8/25/2016 Uncategorized Chisato Endo 3 min read

Hello, I’m Chisato Endo, a designer. Recently, I’ve been noticing what people wear on their feet. It’s a long story on how this came to be, but it all started when I started asking why people often say that being stylish or fashionable starts from the bottom up. Even though there are other things to be mindful of such as your looks and your clothes,…


The Apricot Tree and The Cherry Tree

4/27/2016 Uncategorized Chisato Endo 3 min read

It’s spring in Tokyo. The cherry tree in DRAFT’s garden has bloomed, and it’s beautiful. The petals are starting to fall a little, and the ground is beginning to be covered in a light pink carpet which is also very beautiful. It’s like we’re having a cherry blossom viewing party everyday. While we work, we often say, “It’s really relaxing, isn’t it?” But that’s when…


Becoming Aware of Design

8/10/2015 Uncategorized Chisato Endo 1 min read

Do you remember the first time you became conscious of design? Not the reason for aiming to become a designer, but that moment of awareness? I remember mine clearly. It was about the time when I was in elementary school. During that time, anything and everything was much fun, and all I did was run outside and play with my friends. Our meeting place was…


A new idea that was just born is like freshly cooked rice

7/4/2015 Uncategorized Chisato Endo 1 min read

Freshly cooked rice is just delicious. On a cold morning, when I open the jar in a chilling kitchen, there is steaming rice. It feels like I am being told good morning, and it makes me happy. I think the freshness is expressed by the smell and appearance, and I am unconsciously sensing that feeling. What I have been thinking lately is that designing is…


A powerful design is something simple and complex.

6/22/2015 Uncategorized Chisato Endo 1 min read

Hello. It will be almost one year since I started working here. My name is Endo.Do you know of the Flower Vase of D-BROS?If you have, I will be very happy. It’s because it was that product that motivated me to work with DRAFT.I think it was when I was in university that I first witnessed the vase.It was a flat transparent material that stood…