Get Our Calendars and Diaries at Reasonable Prices. Our Winter Sale has Begun!

2/13/2019 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 2 min read

Get Our Calendars and Diaries at Reasonable Prices. Our Winter Sale has Begun! Our 2019 calendars and diaries are now on sale at our D-BROS ONLINE STORE! If you’ve been curious about our calendars and diaries or haven’t bought them yet, now’s your chance. To schedule your time and to make each day meaningful, how about giving our 2019 Creator’s Diary a try? With this…


Our 2019 Calendars and Diary are Now on Sale!

9/12/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

Many of our customers look forward to our D-BROS calendars every year. Finally, our 2019 calendars and Creator’s Diary are now on sale! Since it’s something you’ll use every day for a year, we want it to be fun, and we hope that you’ll enjoy it as part of your décor. As always, our designers included thoughtful details and fun tricks in our calendars (5…


DRAFT Art Director Takuma Fukuzawa has Won a “JAGDA New Designer Award” in the 2018 JAGDA Awards

4/27/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 4 min read

One of our art directors, Takuma Fukuzawa, has won a “JAGDA New Designer Award” in the 2018 JAGDA Awards. Beginning with the winning D-BROS product, much of our work for clients has been acclaimed. The “JAGDA New Designer Award 2018 Aki Kanai / Masaki Hanahara / Takuma Fukuzawa” exhibition of winning entries will be held starting May 24th at the Creation Gallery G8. Afterward, the…


Notice of the Closing of our ecute Shinagawa D-BROS Store

4/18/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 2 min read

Thank you for your patronage of D-BROS products and stores. Our ecute Shinagawa branch has closed last January 8, 2018. We sincerely thank all of you for your support since our opening in 2011. Our flagship store is now located in GINZA SIX which debuted in Ginza in the spring of 2017. We will continue our efforts in providing enjoyable design to more customers than…


We Have Begun Offering a “Kamon Imprinting Service” at our GINZA SIX Store

1/30/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

We opened our store at GINZA SIX as a way of handing down Japan’s traditional crafts to future generations. In this light, we as graphic designers conceptualized our kamon (family crest) line with the desire to pass on beautiful kamon, which is said to be the origin of graphic design in Japan, to succeeding generations. Since ancient times, kamon was proudly handed down as a…


New Gift Boxes for our Flower Vases Exclusively Available at GINZA SIX!

9/21/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

Our “Flower Vase” vases are very popular as small gifts and souvenirs. At our GINZA SIX store, we now offer gift boxes for our flower vases that are perfect for such gifts. Last weekend, we launched new box designs exclusively available at GINZA SIX! Vividly colored flowers and the word “Ginza” adorn the boxes. There are 4 kinds: 2 regular-sized boxes, and 2 mini-sized boxes…


Announcing All of Our 2018 D-BROS Calendars!

9/13/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

For all of you who have been looking forward to our D-BROS calendars every year, the wait is over! Just like in past years, our designers have come up with the highest quality calendars, reflecting their passion and dedication. For the first time ever, we are featuring all of our 2018 calendars in this magazine today! For 2018, KIGI designers Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe,…


D-BROS’s Traditional Crafts Project “D-BROS at GINZA SIX” Wins the ADC Member Award!

7/7/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

The 2017 ADC Awards were announced recently, and D-BROS’s traditional crafts project “D-BROS at GINZA SIX” won an ADC Member Award! The ADC Awards are given by the Tokyo Art Directors Club which was founded in 1952, and are chosen by all 75 members of the club. Judging on submitted works ranging from posters, newspapers, magazines, TV commercials and others, the members choose the year’s…


Creator’s Diary 2018: From Start to Finish (An Introduction)

7/5/2017 Uncategorized Ren Yamakawa 4 min read

Hello, I am the designer Ren Yamakawa. Along with assistant director Mr. Iwanaga, I’ve been chosen to be in charge of the 2018 Creator’s Diary. This post is “an introduction,” so I’d like to talk about my view of the Creator’s Diary as the person in charge of it for the very first time. Truthfully speaking, I’ve never been aware of the Creator’s Diary until…


The D-BROS GINZA SIX STORE, A New Concept Store by D-BROS is Now Open!

5/31/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 6 min read

Last April 20th, D-BROS’s new store opened at GINZA SIX, the new, much-talked-about facility in Ginza, Tokyo. Most of the array of products at this store are based on the theme of “traditional Japanese culture,” and were especially developed for GINZA SIX. Designers embarked on challenges that have never been done before, and they all started by examining traditional culture and techniques. From this fusion…