Utilizing the Creator’s Diary: Make it Your Very Own by Adding Accessories

2/12/2016 Editor's Blog Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

You open your diary almost everyday, so it’s something that you’d like to use and cherish with affection. There are many Draft employees who use accessories to personalize their diaries and to make them their own. Today we’d like to share with you little techniques that you can apply to the Creator’s Diary. This is the diary of a producer. A paperclip is used instead…


Enjoying Good Food and Good Times with KIKOF Tableware

2/9/2016 Editor's Blog dbrostokyo 4 min read

The appearance of food alters just by changing its serving dish. The beautiful hues and form of KIKOF pieces gorgeously elevate your table setting, further enhancing good times spent at the table. KIKOF tableware come in 4 colors: white, gray, pink, and blue. The times spent around the table surrounded by a congenial circle of friends and people dear to your heart are beautiful moments…


Utilizing the Creator’s Diary: Make Your Own Rules

2/3/2016 Editor's Blog Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

The Creator’s Diary by D-BROS is formatted in a way where you write the day’s schedule vertically and the plans for each project horizontally. A whole year’s schedule is written on one sheet of paper so long-term projects and schedules can be seen at a glance. Born from hand-made diaries initially used by the company’s designers for managing their projects’ progress, the Creator’s Diary is…


KIKOF: A new kind of Shigaraki ware borne out of the desire of an artisan to take on challenges

1/20/2016 Editor's Blog, Products Eriko Fujitani 5 min read

Sold at the D-BROS TOKYO, KIKOF is a brand of products jointly developed by Kigi (in-charge of art direction of some D-BROS products) and traditional, skilled artisans whose activities are based around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. We asked Miki Terada of Kigi who was involved in the founding of KIKOF to write her thoughts about the brand. She says that a certain Shigaraki ware…


Utilizing The Creator’s Diary: Organize Your Schedule Backwards

1/5/2016 Editor's Blog Eriko Fujitani 4 min read

Today we’d like to introduce the Creator’s Diary to you. With this diary from D-BROS, you can organize your schedule and have a bird’s eye view of your whole year at a glance. Conceptualized from hand-made job sheets that the company’s designers used in the past, the Creator’s Diary is the commodification of those initial job sheets. Write your daily schedule in the vertical columns,…


Game 4 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Rails,” An Intriguing Journey by Train

12/25/2015 Editor's Blog, Products Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

“Rocca Rails” is like “Rocca Town” in the sense that all players create one graphic picture together, but with the theme of “trains.” Let’s all go on an intriguing journey by train using “Rocca Rails!” Never-ending Train Tracks “Rocca Rails” is a game wherein a train’s destination is determined by connecting tracks of the same color. You can go forward, curve to the right, or…


Our TYPEFACE CALENDARS: Embodying an impulse for exploration in insatiable design

12/24/2015 Editor's Blog, Products Eriko Fujitani 6 min read

The calendars in our TYPEFACE CALENDAR series are simple, with an emphasis on the beauty of the typeface. As a design company, we’ve always wanted to create a simple, beautiful and timeless calendar, thus this series was born. First released in 2007, this year’s calendar is the ninth in the series. In these nine years, this calendar which has become a classic at D-BROS has…


Game 3 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Town,” an Expanding Colorful Town

12/10/2015 Editor's Blog, Products Eriko Fujitani 4 min read

Today we will introduce to you “Rocca Town,” the latest in the Rocca line-up wherein you can build houses and create towns. This is the Kind of House that I Want “Rocca Town” cards are designed with retro townscapes of old Europe. The windows and hallways are a little different from each other so each house has its own personality. Just looking at the cards…


Game 2 in the Rocca Line-up: “Rocca Card Blocks,” Cards that Resemble Building Blocks

12/7/2015 Editor's Blog, Products Eriko Fujitani 4 min read

The second installment in the Rocca line-up after “Rocca Classic” is “Rocca Card Blocks.” Based on a Simple Building Block Game While creating the first “Rocca Classic,” Mr. Okamocek and Mr. Kakinohara thought of different variations of the game utilizing the hexagonal nature of the cards. One of these variations is the most simple kind – that of playing with Rocca as building blocks. From…

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“names of colors”:This is a deluxe set comprised of a calendar and 12 postcards.

12/3/2015 Editor's Blog, Products Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

This is an extravagant calendar with a set of 12 beautiful, typographically printed and embossed postcards. Featuring the work of D-BROS art director Yoshie Watanabe of Kigi. The poetry of color, the names of colors All of the names of the colors on the cards are written in English; and the cards are mounted on a calendar with poetry about colors printed on it. Enjoy…