Using the Creator’s Diary in the Most Fundamental Way Part 1: The Horizontal Part (Gantt Chart) is Essential

12/13/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

The Creator’s Diary is a diary combining a vertical part for managing your daily schedule and a horizontal part (a Gantt Chart) for planning projects. Are you wondering why it’s formatted this way? Actually, the forerunner of this diary were schedule organizing sheets handmade by DRAFT designers. How to set aside more time for tasks and for learning when every day is a busy day?…


Our 2019 Calendars and Diary are Now on Sale!

9/12/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

Many of our customers look forward to our D-BROS calendars every year. Finally, our 2019 calendars and Creator’s Diary are now on sale! Since it’s something you’ll use every day for a year, we want it to be fun, and we hope that you’ll enjoy it as part of your décor. As always, our designers included thoughtful details and fun tricks in our calendars (5…


“Time Paper” – A Clock that Can be Enjoyed Like a Poster

5/16/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 5 min read

D-BROS’ “Time Paper” is a new type of clock that changes the very idea of how a clock should be. Here, we introduce our “Time Paper,” which can be attached and reattached to a wall like a poster, and can be a fun way of enjoying interior design.   The Catalyst was Casting Aside Preconceived Notions and Impressions A clock is a special object in…


Our D-BROS GINZA SIX Store was Featured in the Magazine “Shoten Kenchiku”

5/9/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

Our D-BROS GINZA SIX flagship was featured in the February issue of the architecture magazine “Shoten Kenchiku.” The store’s interior was designed by Mr. Hironaka Ogawa of Hironaka Ogawa and Associates. For D-BROS’ new store with a theme of Japan’s traditional crafts, Mr. Ogawa thought of using traditional, wooden construction methods for the space. The pillars and joists consist of thick Japanese cypress wood, and…


The Meanings in Kamon

2/9/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

Kamon, or family crests, have been used since ancient times to indicate lineage and social status. Originally, in order to distinguish oneself from other people of the same clan, that person would create his own trade name using the name of his land, etc. which became his last name later on. As of this year, it is said that approximately 20,000 kamon exist. Did you…


A Round-Table Discussion by Satoru Miyashita and KIGI at the 2017 ADC Gallery Exhibition

8/7/2017 Uncategorized Chi-na Lee 16 min read

“D-BROS at GINZA SIX” has won an ADC Member Award at the 2017 ADC Awards, which is regarded as the summit of Japan’s advertising and design fields. In commemoration of winning this award, a round-table discussion by Mr. Satoru Miyashita, and the members of KIGI, Mr. Ryosuke Uehara and Ms. Yoshie Watanabe was held last July 19th at the Ginza Graphic Gallery. We would like…


Our New Cups and Saucers are Now on Sale at our GINZA SIX Store and Web Store!

7/31/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

Embodying surprise, D-BROS’s “Cup & Saucer” is one of our popular products wherein the pattern on the saucer is reflected on the cup which has a mirrored finish. Together with the opening of our D-BROS GINZASIX store, 12 new cup and saucer designs make their debut! When we asked the two designers of KIGI who were in charge of the art direction for these new…


The D-BROS GINZA SIX STORE, A New Concept Store by D-BROS is Now Open!

5/31/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 6 min read

Last April 20th, D-BROS’s new store opened at GINZA SIX, the new, much-talked-about facility in Ginza, Tokyo. Most of the array of products at this store are based on the theme of “traditional Japanese culture,” and were especially developed for GINZA SIX. Designers embarked on challenges that have never been done before, and they all started by examining traditional culture and techniques. From this fusion…


Utilizing the Creator’s Diary: Using the Lower Half for Projects Freely

2/17/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 4 min read

The Creator’s Diary presently being sold at D-BROS is a Gantt Chart-type diary wherein each day’s schedule is written on the upper, vertically-lined part, and the plans for each task or project is written on the lower, horizontally-lined part.   A Section for Projects is Important The greatest feature of this diary is its lower half which is a section for projects. It is formatted…


This is How I Use My Creator’s Diary (by the Sales Team)

12/21/2016 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 20 min read

One of D-BROS’s mainstay products, the accordion-type Creator’s Diary, is a commercial version of the diaries that our designers and producers actually used during the production process of past projects. Naturally, all DRAFT company employees use the Creator’s Diary, but their ways of using the diary differ. For this D-BROS MAGAZINE post, we asked how company employees use their diaries, how they organize their schedules,…