Interview with the Designers of the 2018 D-BROS Calendar “I Want To Be…”

10/25/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

A calendar that you can enjoy each and every day – The calendar this year has stickers you can you attach to the calendar, right? Fukuzawa: That’s right. Our goal was to make a fun calendar that’s very D-BROS, and one where our customers can participate in. – What was the design theme? Okada: This time, the theme was “transformation.” A polar bear becomes a…



6/14/2017 Uncategorized Arisa Okada 4 min read

Hello, I am Arisa Okada, and I’ve just joined DRAFT this April. Today, I’d like to share with you what I did for my art graduation project. There was a time when I really believed that I had a doppelganger – someone who was just like me. A series of events made me think this way – I was constantly told “Thank you as always,”…