Part 7 of a Dialogue with Satoru Miyata: Handing Down the 24 Terms of the Solar Year

12/21/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 14 min read

Our popular “24 Terms of the Solar Year Calendar” was created based on a new theme which we at D-BROS have never used before. Why did we pick the 24 terms of the solar year at this point in time? What did we want to convey using a calendar? We present a dialogue between Akiko Sekimoto, the designer of the calendar, and Mr. Satoru Miyata….


A Story About Tags by the Iwai Tag Printing Company

8/30/2016 Uncategorized Akiko Sekimoto 3 min read

Hello, I am Akiko Sekimoto, an art director. Presently, I’m working with “Iwai Tags,” a product line of a company in Okayama called the Iwai Tag Printing Company. Today I’d like to share with you the development and design of their product that I’ve been working on called the “bean parcel.” The Iwai Tag Printing Company is a printing company in Okayama that specializes in…