A Job That’s Absolute Heaven! Part 2

8/15/2016 Designer's Blog, Kouta Sugiyama Kota Sugiyama 5 min read

Hello, it’s me again, Kouta Sugiyama. I wrote the previous blog post “A Job That’s Absolutely Heaven.” (If you’d like to read it, please click here.) Although this is part 2, a year has already passed. This past year, I’ve been researching, verifying, researching, verifying. I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve visited Minakami Hot Springs. I’ve become a fan of the town…


The Life of a Designer, Vol. 1: Mr. Kouta Sugiyama Tells us About His Everyday Life

5/11/2016 Interview, Kouta Sugiyama Chi-na Lee 12 min read

In this series of “The Life of a Designer,” we ask DRAFT designers involved in the development of D-BROS products about their daily lives. The questions are pretty simple; so we conduct these interviews that (should be) interesting hoping for intriguing, distinctive answers that only designers themselves could give. There will be interviews with more designers in the future, but for the first one, we…


A Job That’s Absolute Heaven!

8/15/2015 Designer's Blog, Kouta Sugiyama Kota Sugiyama 4 min read

Hello, I am Kouta Sugiyama, a designer. Today I’d like to talk about an inn called Matsubaya in Minakamimachi, Tonegun, Gunma Prefecture. Matsubaya is located along the Tone River in the Minakami Hot Springs area. Minakami is one of the hot spring areas within the prefecture that rivals other hot spring areas such as Kusatsu and Ikaho. I’m sure a lot of people have already…