A Book Borne Out of a Wondrous Coincidence

11/8/2017 Uncategorized Kenichi Tanaka 2 min read

A book arrived the other day. I’ve almost forgotten about it because it’s almost been two years ago. I remember that a German publisher called Cass Verlag called, and they asked if they could use a travel picture in my website as a book cover. The book has been completed with my photo on the cover, so they sent me a copy. This publisher mainly…


What Gathering Information and Conducting Interviews Are All About

11/24/2016 Uncategorized Kenichi Tanaka 6 min read

Hello, it’s me, the designer Kenichi Tanaka. Usually, I mainly work on graphics and web design and production but recently, I’ve become a photography enthusiast, and I’ve been tasked to photograph small-scale interviews. I was in Musashi Kosugi and Shinmaruko the other day with my teammate Watanabe to gather information and conduct interviews for Mitsui Fudosan. This real estate company is going to build a…


The People of a Refugee Camp

7/5/2016 Uncategorized Kenichi Tanaka 11 min read

Hello, I am Kenichi Tanaka, a designer. Using my vacation days, I had the opportunity to visit a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan last year. It turned into a valuable experience that changed my impression of the Middle East; and in today’s post, I hope I could somehow convey what a refugee camp is like and what kind of people live there mainly through the…