Foreign Things

11/1/2017 Designer's Blog, Hiroka Osada Hiroka Osada 3 min read

Hello, I am the designer Hiroka Osada. I was thinking it would be great if I could travel abroad again this year, when I glanced upon books and things I bought overseas. Today I’d like to share some of my favorite things that I’ve bought abroad. A Notebook I Bought in Thailand This is a notebook made by a young Thai artist that I bought…


What I’ve Discovered While Walking Around

1/23/2017 Designer's Blog, Hiroka Osada Hiroka Osada 3 min read

Hello, I’m Osada, a designer. One of the things that I’m doing for the condominium that the real estate company Mitsui Fudosan is building in Musashi Kosugi is creating a free newspaper that highlights the town. The latest issue is a special feature on Todoroki Ryokuchi, a park with sports facilities and a museum that I’ve often visited for location hunting. I’d like to share…


What I’ve Learned From Reading Books

6/30/2016 Designer's Blog, Hiroka Osada Hiroka Osada 4 min read

Hello, I am Osada, a designer. Today I’d like to talk about the thing that I’ve been continuously doing since I joined DRAFT. Ever since, I’ve been buying more than one book per month at a bookstore. Art books, photo books, design books, magazines, fashion-related printed material…I go into a bookstore without a predetermined genre, I just go and find something that catches my attention….