Creator’s Diary 2017: From Start to Finish (Finished Product)

10/11/2016 Designer's Blog, Kazuya Iwanaga, Products Kazuya Iwanaga 2 min read

Hello, it’s me, designer Kazuya Iwanaga. Today I’d like to talk about the 2017 Creator’s Diary. After much trial and error, our Creator’s Diary for 2017 is finally complete. Every year, it takes about half a year until we have a finished product – from the planning and designing stage where we gather users’ opinions and talk about them, to organizing everything. The distinct features…


My Hobby (Part 2)

10/6/2016 Designer's Blog, Megumi Saito Megumi Saito 4 min read

Hello, it’s me again, designer Megumi Saito. I wrote about my hobby of collecting stamps in a previous post, and I’d like to tell you more about it in this second part. Today I’d like to share with you my Olympic stamps, now that the Olympics were just held in Rio. There are lots of Olympic stamps, and I think that there are also a…


A Story About Tags by the Iwai Tag Printing Company

8/30/2016 Akiko Sekimoto, Designer's Blog Akiko Sekimoto 3 min read

Hello, I am Akiko Sekimoto, an art director. Presently, I’m working with “Iwai Tags,” a product line of a company in Okayama called the Iwai Tag Printing Company. Today I’d like to share with you the development and design of their product that I’ve been working on called the “bean parcel.” The Iwai Tag Printing Company is a printing company in Okayama that specializes in…


Being Stylish Starts from the Bottom Up

8/25/2016 Chisato Endo, Designer's Blog Chisato Endo 3 min read

Hello, I’m Chisato Endo, a designer. Recently, I’ve been noticing what people wear on their feet. It’s a long story on how this came to be, but it all started when I started asking why people often say that being stylish or fashionable starts from the bottom up. Even though there are other things to be mindful of such as your looks and your clothes,…


Precisely Because It’s Something That I Use Every Day

8/23/2016 Asako Koyama, Designer's Blog Asako Koyama 2 min read

Hello, I’m Asako Koyama, a designer. Ever since I’ve joined DRAFT, there are things that I always buy whenever I go overseas. And those things are sticky note pads – the kind that you can write notes on. And that’s because I write notes for lots of people who have missed incoming phone calls. I write a lot of these in a day, so relatively…


A Job That’s Absolute Heaven! Part 2

8/15/2016 Designer's Blog, Kouta Sugiyama Kota Sugiyama 5 min read

Hello, it’s me again, Kouta Sugiyama. I wrote the previous blog post “A Job That’s Absolutely Heaven.” (If you’d like to read it, please click here.) Although this is part 2, a year has already passed. This past year, I’ve been researching, verifying, researching, verifying. I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve visited Minakami Hot Springs. I’ve become a fan of the town…


The People of a Refugee Camp

7/5/2016 Designer's Blog, Kenichi Tanaka Kenichi Tanaka 11 min read

Hello, I am Kenichi Tanaka, a designer. Using my vacation days, I had the opportunity to visit a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan last year. It turned into a valuable experience that changed my impression of the Middle East; and in today’s post, I hope I could somehow convey what a refugee camp is like and what kind of people live there mainly through the…


What I’ve Learned From Reading Books

6/30/2016 Designer's Blog, Hiroka Osada Hiroka Osada 4 min read

Hello, I am Osada, a designer. Today I’d like to talk about the thing that I’ve been continuously doing since I joined DRAFT. Ever since, I’ve been buying more than one book per month at a bookstore. Art books, photo books, design books, magazines, fashion-related printed material…I go into a bookstore without a predetermined genre, I just go and find something that catches my attention….


My Hobby

6/27/2016 Designer's Blog, Megumi Saito Megumi Saito 4 min read

Hello, I am Megumi Saito, a designer. I collect stamps as a hobby. It may sound really simple and unglamorous, but when you look at a stamp at first sight, I think your impression about stamps will change, so I thought of telling you about a few stamps today. There are stamps that have cool designs, stamps with different shapes, ones with foil, lenticular ones,…


Featuring Yuri Uenishi, Eriko Kawakami, and Masashi Murakami, the 2016 JAGDA New Designer Awards Exhibition that Started on June 7th is Still Being Held

6/23/2016 Designer's Blog, Eriko Kawakami Eriko Kawakami 5 min read

Once a week since last February, we have been gathering in each of our own companies to prepare for the JAGDA New Designer Awards Exhibition. Partly because two of us already know each other, several meetings have been held in a breezy atmosphere. While the joy of expression is evident in this exhibition, emphasis was placed on “clarifying one’s intention” – what our thought processes…