I Made Letters Travel

11/10/2016 Designer's Blog, Jun Saito Jun Saito 3 min read

Sometimes, I conduct experiments on a lark. There was once a time when I thought, I’d like to make letters travel. That’s because I love traveling myself. I love traveling because even the things that I’m used to in daily life feel new again; and I can re-think things, as if I’ve become a baby again where everything feels fresh. To a baby, various things…


Watching “Live”

6/3/2016 Designer's Blog, Jun Saito Jun Saito 4 min read

Since some time ago, I’ve been conscious about watching things “live.” I feel that there’s value in watching things in their original state. Things in everyday life such as theater, music, comedic shows, buildings, scenery… I’ve always liked traveling. The reasons why I travel are things like “a city’s ambiance,” “buildings,” and “nature.” Every year, I find the time to go to places that I’ve…