A Penchant for Collecting Things

10/3/2017 Uncategorized Jun Saito 5 min read

There are things that I take pictures of because they’re just wonderful, and collect a lot of because I fall in love with them at first sight. These things are educational toys. Today I’d like to share with you the toys that I’ve found during my travels, and even some that I’ve bought in Japan. “Bauspiel” by Bauhaus I fell in love with this the…


I Made Letters Travel

11/10/2016 Uncategorized Jun Saito 3 min read

Sometimes, I conduct experiments on a lark. There was once a time when I thought, I’d like to make letters travel. That’s because I love traveling myself. I love traveling because even the things that I’m used to in daily life feel new again; and I can re-think things, as if I’ve become a baby again where everything feels fresh. To a baby, various things…


Watching “Live”

6/3/2016 Uncategorized Jun Saito 4 min read

Since some time ago, I’ve been conscious about watching things “live.” I feel that there’s value in watching things in their original state. Things in everyday life such as theater, music, comedic shows, buildings, scenery… I’ve always liked traveling. The reasons why I travel are things like “a city’s ambiance,” “buildings,” and “nature.” Every year, I find the time to go to places that I’ve…