Flowers that Bloom Only Once in its Plant’s Lifetime

10/21/2016 Designer's Blog, Shoichi Maehara Shoichi Maehara 4 min read

Hello, it’s me, the designer Shoichi Maebara. There are a variety of plants planted in front of our office’s entrance. Among those plants is the Agave Americana, or American aloe that blooms only once in its lifetime. Amazingly, our plant bloomed this year, and I would like to talk about it in this post. I’ve known of this plant’s existence before it bloomed. I once…



5/31/2016 Designer's Blog, Shoichi Maehara Shoichi Maehara 5 min read

Hello, it’s Maehara. Recently, we’ve had a new addition to our family. We used to be just two people in our home, and now that we have three people, my wife suddenly became a mother, and me, a father. Just up until yesterday, we’ve lived our lives the way we wanted, but now our lives have drastically changed, with us caring for another person, day…