Featuring Yuri Uenishi, Eriko Kawakami, and Masashi Murakami, the 2016 JAGDA New Designer Awards Exhibition that Started on June 7th is Still Being Held

6/23/2016 Designer's Blog, Eriko Kawakami Eriko Kawakami 5 min read

Once a week since last February, we have been gathering in each of our own companies to prepare for the JAGDA New Designer Awards Exhibition. Partly because two of us already know each other, several meetings have been held in a breezy atmosphere. While the joy of expression is evident in this exhibition, emphasis was placed on “clarifying one’s intention” – what our thought processes…


For Your Enjoyment of Delicious Tea

4/15/2016 Designer's Blog, Eriko Kawakami Eriko Kawakami 7 min read

DRAFT art director Eriko Kawakami won the 2015 ADC Award and the JAGDA New Designer Award for 2016. She won the latter award for her work with Marumatsu Seichajo, a well-established tea-processing wholesale company. Today, we would like to share with you Ms. Kawakami’s blog post about designing the logo, store and packaging of Marumatsu Seichajo’s tea brand “san grams.” ________ Located in Kikugawa City,…


Draft Art Director Eriko Kawakami Wins the 2016 JAGDA New Designer Award

2/5/2016 Eriko Kawakami, Information Eriko Fujitani 3 min read

After winning the 2015 ADC Award, Draft art director Eriko Kawakami was awarded the JAGDA New Designer Award for 2016. The JAGDA New Designer Award is an annual award given by the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) to a number of promising graphic designers who are expected to succeed. As a gateway to success for designers, the award has turned out talent in great numbers…


Presenting “the days,” a Tear-off Calendar with Cutouts to Tear Off Each Day: The 1st Installment of D-BROS’s calendars for 2016!

10/13/2015 Designer's Blog, Eriko Kawakami Eriko Kawakami 2 min read

Hello, I am Eriko Kawakami, the designer of this calendar. “the days” is a new type of tear-off calendar wherein you tear off cutouts each day which reveal a different graphic design in the back; altering the way you view the calendar. While it can be used as a daily tear-off calendar, you can use it as you please – try tearing off the cutouts…