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10/27/2017 Uncategorized Aya Iida 2 min read

I was in charge of the visual poster for our 2018 D-BROS calendars. Today I’d like to talk about the theme and design of this poster. As a new undertaking for D-BROS, we opened a new store at GINZA SIX centered on traditional crafts, thus a poster such as this happened. In the craft industry, shipments from craft-producing areas are only a fifth of the…


Bamboo Chopsticks

8/18/2017 Uncategorized Aya Iida 6 min read

In our studies into Japan’s traditional crafts, we have deepened our understanding of kamon (family crests), and at the same time, we’ve pursued our interest in obento (boxed lunch) culture which has a profound history. For modern bento boxes, we must also have the best chopsticks, so we’ve embarked on creating a new chopstick design. First, we researched the kinds of chopsticks that are out…


Lacquered Bunkobako (Stationery and Letter Boxes): Traditional Crafts Meet Limited Edition Products to Commemorate the Opening of D-BROS GINZA SIX

6/7/2017 Uncategorized Aya Iida 4 min read

In commemoration of the opening of GINZA SIX, we’ve created bunkobako, which are beautiful stationery and letter boxes, utilizing the art of lacquering, one of Japan’s signature traditional crafts. A union of genuine lacquer ware from Yamada Heiando, an officially appointed lacquer ware purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency, and D-BROS’s modern graphic design, there are only four of these limited edition boxes in the…


The Life of a Designer, Vol. 4: Ms. Aya Iida Tells us About Her Everyday Life

10/25/2016 Uncategorized Chi-na Lee 7 min read

In this series of “The Life of a Designer,” we ask DRAFT designers involved in the development of D-BROS products about their daily lives, in a Q&A format. In their answers to our simple questions, their daily lives are revealed. We talked to Ms. Aya Iida for the fourth volume in this series. –In this fourth volume, we would like to talk to Ms. Aya…


A D-BROS Poster Made of Origami

8/15/2015 Uncategorized Aya Iida 2 min read

Creating something at D-BROS isn’t about just creating something for the sake of creating or just drawing a picture. Art is of course included in the process but the main point is to include thoughtful design. At the end of last year, one of our company stores in Shinagawa Station displayed a poster. I designed that poster thinking it would be good if it had…