The Life of a Designer, Vol. 4: Ms. Aya Iida Tells us About Her Everyday Life

10/25/2016 Aya Iida, Interview Chi-na Lee 7 min read

In this series of “The Life of a Designer,” we ask DRAFT designers involved in the development of D-BROS products about their daily lives, in a Q&A format. In their answers to our simple questions, their daily lives are revealed. We talked to Ms. Aya Iida for the fourth volume in this series. –In this fourth volume, we would like to talk to Ms. Aya…


A D-BROS Poster Made of Origami

8/15/2015 Aya Iida, Designer's Blog Aya Iida 2 min read

Creating something at D-BROS isn’t about just creating something for the sake of creating or just drawing a picture. Art is of course included in the process but the main point is to include thoughtful design. At the end of last year, one of our company stores in Shinagawa Station displayed a poster. I designed that poster thinking it would be good if it had…