DRAFT Art Director Takuma Fukuzawa has Won a “JAGDA New Designer Award” in the 2018 JAGDA Awards

4/27/2018 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 4 min read

One of our art directors, Takuma Fukuzawa, has won a “JAGDA New Designer Award” in the 2018 JAGDA Awards. Beginning with the winning D-BROS product, much of our work for clients has been acclaimed. The “JAGDA New Designer Award 2018 Aki Kanai / Masaki Hanahara / Takuma Fukuzawa” exhibition of winning entries will be held starting May 24th at the Creation Gallery G8. Afterward, the…


Interview with the Designers of the 2018 D-BROS Calendar “I Want To Be…”

10/25/2017 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

A calendar that you can enjoy each and every day – The calendar this year has stickers you can you attach to the calendar, right? Fukuzawa: That’s right. Our goal was to make a fun calendar that’s very D-BROS, and one where our customers can participate in. – What was the design theme? Okada: This time, the theme was “transformation.” A polar bear becomes a…


A Book About Kamon, Exclusively for Our GINZA SIX Store

7/14/2017 Uncategorized Takuma Fukuzawa 5 min read

The first time we conceptualized this book was about two years ago. We are a Japanese graphic design company, and in making this, we first started by learning about Japan’s traditional crafts. Among these crafts, we focused our attention on kamon, or family crests. We found out that there are about 20,000 of these family crests in Japan. We also learned that there are many…


The Life of a Designer, Vol. 6: Mr. Takuma Fukuzawa Tells us About His Everyday Life

6/21/2017 Uncategorized Chi-na Lee 6 min read

In this series of “The Life of a Designer,” we ask DRAFT designers involved in the development of D-BROS products about their daily lives, in a Q&A format. We talked to Mr. Takuma Fukuzawa for the sixth volume in this series. –In this sixth volume, we would like to talk to Mr. Takuma Fukuzawa who worked on D-BROS’s “JUMP” animal calendar. Thank you for your…


We Asked the Designers of the 2017 D-BROS Calendar “JUMP” About Their Thoughts on the Production Process (Part 2)

10/17/2016 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 5 min read

This is part 2 of our interview with Takuma Fukuzawa and Asako Koyama, the designers of “JUMP,” the D-BROS animal calendar for 2017. In part 1, they talked about behind-the-scenes stories about their work on “JUMP.” In this post, we asked about the differences between their usual work in advertising and monozukuri (making things) with D-BROS, and their thoughts about working. >>Click here for “We…


We Asked the Designers of the 2017 D-BROS Calendar “JUMP” About Their Thoughts on the Production Process (Part 1)

10/13/2016 Uncategorized Eriko Fujitani 7 min read

Finally, our 2017 calendars and Creator’s Diary are now available at our Web Store. Every year, our calendar from our animal series is highly popular, with last year’s version selling out in November. In this post, we talk to art director Takuma Fukuzawa and designer Asako Koyama about their thoughts on the production process of this year’s animal calendar. – The 2016 animal calendar was…


Presenting the “BEEH” Calendar of Adorable Animals: The 2nd Installment of D-BROS’s calendars for 2016!

10/16/2015 Uncategorized Takuma Fukuzawa 2 min read

Hello, I am Takuma Fukuzawa, the designer of this calendar. Including the calendar for 2016, I have been creating calendars with animals as their theme for three consecutive years. I set my sight on “eyes” for the 2014 version; the 2015 featured “faces,” and for 2016, I focused on “tongues.” ▼2014 “eyes” ▼2015 “faces” ▼2016“tongues” For animals, tongues are not only meant for tasting but they are…