A Book About Kamon, Exclusively for Our GINZA SIX Store

7/14/2017 Designer's Blog, Products, Takuma Fukuzawa Takuma Fukuzawa 5 min read

The first time we conceptualized this book was about two years ago. We are a Japanese graphic design company, and in making this, we first started by learning about Japan’s traditional crafts. Among these crafts, we focused our attention on kamon, or family crests. We found out that there are about 20,000 of these family crests in Japan. We also learned that there are many…


Presenting the “BEEH” Calendar of Adorable Animals: The 2nd Installment of D-BROS’s calendars for 2016!

10/16/2015 Designer's Blog, Products, Takuma Fukuzawa Takuma Fukuzawa 2 min read

Hello, I am Takuma Fukuzawa, the designer of this calendar. Including the calendar for 2016, I have been creating calendars with animals as their theme for three consecutive years. I set my sight on “eyes” for the 2014 version; the 2015 featured “faces,” and for 2016, I focused on “tongues.” ▼2014 “eyes” ▼2015 “faces” ▼2016“tongues” For animals, tongues are not only meant for tasting but they are…