2018 Calendar “I want to be…”【30%OFF  ¥3,000→¥2,100】

2018 Calendar “I want to be…”【30%OFF ¥3,000→¥2,100】

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Brand: D-BROS

This is our popular animal-themed calendar that's a hit every year. For 2018, the stickers with numbers included in the calendar provide a unique twist – when the stickers are attached to the calendar, the design gradually changes into a different animal.

There are 12 hand-drawn animals, with a different animal featured each month. Stick the stickers wherever you like, and have fun creating an animal that's uniquely yours.

This was also designed to show interesting designs even half-way through the sticking, which makes for an exciting and enjoyable calendar with each sticker attached every day.

2018.1.1 - 2018.12.31

Designed by: Takuma Fukuzawa(DRAFT)
Material Paper
Dimensions W297×H420mm
Weight 420.0000

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